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Tri-party talks in Tehran may decide outcome of Syria war

The leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey are to hold talks in Tehran to discuss how to move forward in Syria. Damascus is gearing up for a major military operation while the US threatens it with intervention. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani will host his Russian and Turkish counterparts Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan on Friday. […]


Georgia cops caught on bodycam ‘flipping coin to decide arrest’

Two Georgia police officers have been suspended after shocking bodycam footage apparently showed the pair deciding whether to arrest a woman suspected of dangerous driving based on a coin toss. READ MORE: US police drag woman face-down by feet during arrest at Atlanta ICE protest Officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson from Roswell Police Department […]


What is ‘reputable’ news? YouTube plans to decide for you

YouTube will invest $ 25 million in funding “quality journalism” on its platform. The initiative will aim to provide context and to promote ‘reputable’ sources; but there are doubts as to what, exactly, that might mean. YouTube announced the initiative on Monday, and says it aims to make “it easier to find quality news” and […]


Is Russia to blame for seagulls getting high on flying ant acid? You decide

Flying Ant Day is on its way – which means that seagulls across the UK could soon be tripping balls, obviously. The gulls, who get high from the acid produced by the bugs, “gobble them up like M&Ms”, according to one expert. Of course, the increase in the flying ant population is apparently because of… […]


‘US can’t decide for the world:’ Rouhani rejects Pompeo’s Iran demands

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has rejected demands made of Tehran by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, vowing to continue “our path,” insisting that the era when the US could “decide for the world” is over. The US government has regressed 15 years, back to “Bush Jr.’s era” and is once again trying to dictate […]


WADA to decide on RUSADA reinstatement after reviewing Russia’s reply on McLaren report

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will review Russia’s letter regarding the McLaren Report before making a recommendation to the body’s Foundation Board on the reinstatement of the country’s anti-doping agency (RUSADA). The WADA Compliance Review Committee will analyze all the details outlined in the official letter sent by the Russian sports authorities on the country’s […]


FIFA to decide on USA World Cup 2026 joint bid at annual congress in Moscow

World football governing body FIFA will decide on a joint bid from the USA, Canada and Mexico submitted on Monday to host the 2026 World Cup at its annual congress in Moscow in June. FIFA announced on Monday that it had received two bids – the other came from Morocco – to host the tournament. […]


Does Trump violate First Amendment by blocking users on Twitter? Judge to decide

Donald Trump’s tweeting impacts news, policy and diplomacy, but is it a “state action” or a personal one? A federal judge is to rule on whether the president violates the First Amendment rights of those he blocks. U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald in Manhattan, New York, heard arguments on Thursday as part of a […]

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