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Russia & Saudi-led OPEC working on deal to corner oil market for decades

Moscow and Riyadh, backed by OPEC, are negotiating a deal that would allow them long-term control of oil prices. If successful, Russia and Saudi Arabia would manage oil markets for the next two decades. At the moment, Russia and OPEC are signing agreements on oil production cuts on a yearly basis. However, the next deal […]


Killer AI just 1 or 2 decades away – former Google CEO Schmidt

Artificial intelligence inspires both fascination and existential dread, as many fear the eventual ‘rise of the machines.’ But former Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes we needn’t worry about killer AI… for a decade or two at least. “Everyone immediately then wants to talk about all the movie-inspired death scenarios, and I can confidently predict to […]


Processed diets could be “increasing burden of cancer” for decades to come

The more ultra-processed foods that we consume, the greater our risk of cancer, a long-term study shows. For the first time, researchers have explored the link between cancer and ultra-processed foods, which include chicken nuggets, packaged cakes, ready meals, fizzy drinks, chocolate, instant noodles and reconstituted meat products. A team at the Universite Sorbonne Paris […]

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