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Spend on schools or bow to US demands? German politicians debate NATO strategy

US President Donald Trump has accused Germany of not contributing enough to the NATO budget – but will German Chancellor Angela Merkel dance to Washington’s tune? Politicians on both sides of Germany’s political spectrum shared their views with RT. On Thursday, Trump warned NATO members that they will be “dealt with” if they fail to […]


Yanny or Laurel? Trump weighs in on raging internet debate (VIDEO)

Published time: 18 May, 2018 08:46 It’s taken the internet by storm, led the US Air Force into a spot of turbulence, and now staff who have escaped the high employee turnover at the White House have gotten stuck in to the debate. The infuriating audio clip has split people into two camps – can […]


PHOTOS of strange winged creature prompt ‘angel’ sighting debate online (POLL)

A small community in northern Michigan believes it has been touched by an angel after a motion-sensor camera captured a mysterious object apparently looming over a parked vehicle. People online, however, remain unconvinced. According to the local church in East Jordan and the man whose camera detected the presence, the image clearly shows a head […]


Ethiopia demands UK return pillaged treasure taken 150 years ago (DEBATE)

Ethiopia is calling for the return of valuable artefacts plundered by British forces 150 years ago. The East African treasures are currently on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The country has demanded that all of the looted antiquities be sent back to Ethiopia on a permanent basis, refusing an offer of […]


MPs to consider Corbyn’s War Powers Act in crunch emergency debate on military action

Jeremy Corbyn has secured an emergency debate in parliament to consider a new War Powers Act that would stop the government from bombing foreign countries without prior parliamentary consent. During a scheduled three-hour Commons debate on Tuesday, the Labour leader will propose the new legislation that would make it mandatory to attain parliamentary approval for […]

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