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DCCC hires ‘battle station organizers’ to shape midterm elections public debate

The Democratic Party in the US is making an effort to use social media in its favor ahead of midterms, using those tactics it claimed ‘Russian trolls’ used during the 2016 elections, leading the party to lose. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has internal software that identifies suspected bots on Twitter, part of what The […]


Censorship or justice? Twitter debate rages over tech giants’ simultaneous InfoWars ban

Twitter is on fire with debate over almost simultaneous decisions by Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify to take action against controversial right-wing YouTube host Alex Jones’ and his InfoWars channel citing “hate speech”. InfoWars Editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson tweeted on Monday that Facebook had “permanently banned” the outlets page for “unspecified” hate speech and described the […]


RT debate: What are implications of UK court recognizing Sharia law marriage?

A British politics commentator calls a court ruling on an estranged couple’s Islamic faith marriage “disturbing for the future,” while a Muslim activist says it merely recognizes the similarities of Sharia to British law. David Vance described as “ludicrous” claims made by the chief editor of Islam21c, Dr Salman Butt, that Sharia law was comparable […]


RT Debate: Is multiculturalism dead? (VIDEO)

Should governments impose tough laws for multiculturalism for it to work, or it can happen naturally? Experts clash during a RT interview following the controversial statement by a Dutch minister that multiculturalism is dead. Reasoning that Stef Blok’s controversial statements were due to an attempt to score political points away from populists, independent journalist Luc […]

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