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Chelsea to send racist fans on educational trip to Auschwitz death camp

Chelsea FC intends to offer racist supporters educational trips to Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz, in Poland, as part of measures aimed at tackling anti-Semitism. Fans involved in racist activity, including chanting anti-Semitic slogans, will be given a choice of an educational trip to the death camp instead of being banned from attending Premier League matches. […]


US professor who wished ‘death & castration’ to Kavanaugh defenders is sent on paid working trip

A Georgetown University professor, suspended from Twitter over calls to murder ‘entitled white men’ for supporting Judge Brett Kavanaugh and to ‘castrate their corpses,’ is being sent to travel internationally for research. Dr. Carol Christine Fair made headlines this week when she tweeted that “entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement” deserve “miserable […]


Lethal shots: Russia ranks second in international ‘selfie death rating’

Russia has the second highest rate of selfie deaths in the world with India taking the number one spot, according to research. The United States and Pakistan are close behind, occupying other top places in the morbid rating. The study on lethality of selfies carried out by the US-based Journal of Family Medicine and Primary […]

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