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How Russia's trusty space launch escape system saved 6 lives after initial deadly start

Thursday’s aborted launch of the Russian Soyuz spaceship may have sent the International Space Station’s work into disarray, but it also highlighted how much effort Soviet space engineers put into their creations. The apparent failure during booster separation of the Soyuz-FG launch vehicle rocket became the third time in history where crew lives were saved […]


‘Body parts & crazy fire’: Deadly car explosion shakes Pennsylvania town

At least one person died after a car explosion struck a neighborhood in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Witnesses of the harrowing scene say the fire was “crazy” and that “streaks of blood” were seen around the explosion. Debris from the car, which reportedly was split in half after the blast, was reportedly strewn around the whole block […]


Iran’s elite guards vow ‘deadly’ revenge as Tehran blames US & allies for parade attack

Those behind the terrorist attack at the Ahvaz military parade will face “unforgettable vengeance,” Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said, as Tehran persists in accusing Washington and its regional allies of orchestrating the assault. Up to 29 people were killed and more than 60 others injured after gunmen fired indiscriminately at the crowd during a military parade […]


Italian motorway operators’ shares plummet after deadly bridge collapse

Italy’s Atlantia and other toll road operators faced a sharp sell-off on Thursday. Atlantia’s Autostrade per l’Italia unit manages the motorway that collapsed in the Italian city of Genoa killing at least 38 people this week. The company failed to start trading on Thursday after falling 20 percent in pre-market trading. Shares in rivals SIAS […]

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