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‘Groundhog day’ – Corbyn slams May as she updates parliament on Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn attacked Theresa May after she updated MPs on Brexit, with reports that the issue of the Irish border is proving to be a huge sticking point for the EU 27. The Labour leader called the statement ‘groundhog day.’ May announced that, following intense negotiations, the EU stated they have agreed to consider a UK-wide […]


Majority party United Russia proposes ‘Russian Football Day’ commemorative date

Lawmakers representing the Russian parliamentary majority party have drafted a bill introducing a new commemorative date “Russian Football Day” marked on October 22, the birthday of the legendary Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin. MP Dmitry Belik (United Russia) told fellow lawmakers on Thursday that the new motion, while paying the tribute of respect and gratitude to […]


Posh London school’s ‘Austerity Day’ lunch turns stomachs on Twitter

A London private school’s ‘Austerity Day’ lunch has been met with a fierce response online, with many accusing the £24,000-a-year school of being tasteless and out of touch over the meal. While St Paul’s Girls’ School in Hammersmith normally feeds its students the likes of duck leg confit and slow-baked Moroccan lamb, its idea of […]


‘Punish a Muslim Day’: Man charged in connection with Islamophobic letter campaign

A 35-year-old man has been charged in connection with the Islamophobic ‘Punish a Muslim Day” investigation, counter-terrorism police say. A series of menacing letters headed ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ were sent to Muslim MPs earlier this year, calling for acid attacks against Muslims, mosque bombings, and the tearing off of hijabs, part of Islam’s traditional […]


Muslim MPs sent ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ letters encouraging mosque bombings

Muslim MPs have been sent threatening letters which urge people to carry out acid attacks against Muslims, bomb mosques and pull off hijabs. The ‘Punish A Muslim Day’ letters are being investigated by counter-terrorism officers. The MPs were also sent packages with a “suspicious substance” inside. Three people were hospitalized on Monday and Tuesday as […]


Oxford Uni apologizes for ordering cleaner to remove ‘Happy Women’s Day’ graffiti

Oxford University has come under fire after pictures emerged of a female cleaner scrubbing a ‘Happy Women’s Day’ slogan off one of its buildings… On International Women’s Day. The elite university has since issued an apology. The scandal broke after Associate Professor of Political Theory Dr Sophie Smith tweeted a picture of a female cleaner […]


50+ Palestinians injured in clashes with IDF on 10th weekly ‘Day of Rage’ (VIDEO)

At least 57 people have been injured by Israeli forces who used live ammunition to suppress the tenth ‘Friday of Rage’ protests that have gripped the Palestinian territories since the US recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Massive clashes have once again erupted across the occupied West Bank and Gaza following Friday prayers. Israeli security forces […]

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