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Keep calm and… count butterflies, says David Attenborough amid Brexit ‘squabbles’

As the Tory government risks a full-blown crisis over its Brexit disagreements, wildlife broadcaster David Attenborough has called on the public to “turn their mind away” from such “squabbles” and… count butterflies. The process of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU has so far been absolute chaos, as the PM scraped through her Brexit blueprint […]


UK Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns – reports

David Davis has handed in his resignation as the UK’s Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, according to reports. Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to present her vision for the exit deal in Brussels next week. Davis’ resignation was first reported by the UK’s Press Association. It is “effective immediately,” according to […]


David Lynch: Trump could be one of the ‘greatest presidents’ in history

US President Donald Trump hasn’t typically found much support among the Hollywood elite, but there may be a first time for everything. Filmmaker David Lynch thinks Trump could be one of the best presidents in American history. In a recent interview with The Guardian newspaper, the unconventional filmmaker made the somewhat surprising claim that Trump […]


David Cameron’s disastrous Libya intervention criticized by own committee (VIDEO)

The UK’s intervention in Libya contributed to the north African country’s current instability, according to a commission chaired by David Cameron – who as prime minister oversaw and championed the 2011 military action. Exiled Libyan Professor Mubruk Derbesh told RT’s Bill Dod it is “funny” Cameron is the chair of the commission, saying it’s akin […]


David Hogg’s book title angers Holocaust survivors and relatives

Student-turned-activist David Hogg has written a book about the Parkland, Florida school shooting and his anti-gun movement. However, its title ‘Never Again’ has angered Holocaust survivors and their relatives. Hogg’s book charts the rapid growth of the movement, including the “March for Our LIves” rally that saw a reported 500,000 anti-second amendment protesters descend on […]

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