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Mass legal action against Google blocked by UK’s High Court

Britain’s High Court, Monday, blocked a suit against Google over allegations that it collected personal data on over 4 million iPhones users. The suit, brought by campaign group ‘Google You Owe Us’, claimed that Google had bypassed privacy settings on the iPhones between August 2011 and February 2012, in order to divide users into categories […]


Russia blocked 25mn cyber attacks on IT infrastructure during World Cup – Putin

Russia has come under nearly 25 million cyber attacks targeting its critical information systems and infrastructure during the FIFA World Cup tournament, Vladimir Putin revealed. “Throughout the duration of the World Cup, we neutralized almost 25 million cyber attacks and other criminal activities against the information infrastructure of Russia, which, in one way or another, […]


Happy GDPR day! US news sites blocked, FB sued as EU privacy rules come into force

Blocked from viewing US news outlets, overwhelmed by emails, Europeans shared memes and cheered. Facebook and Google, though, may have little to cheer about, now that they’re sued for “forced consent” over new privacy rules. The new set of strict regulations, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation (or briefly GDPR), was passed in […]


Outlawing of corrupt payments to political parties blocked by Tories

The UK government has refused to change a law to make it illegal for political parties to accept donations from corrupt sources, prompting Labour’s John McDonnell to ask, “why are you soft on tax evaders and money launderers?” McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, raised the issue of corrupt payments at Treasury Questions in Parliament, where he […]


Abby Martin interview critical of Israel is blocked by YouTube in 28 countries

An episode of Abby Martin’s Empire Files, featuring journalist Max Blumenthal and spotlighting rising militarism in Israel, has been blocked by YouTube in 28 countries, including Israel and the UK, for violating “local laws.” “Just notified by YouTube that Abby Martin’s interview with Max Blumenthal has been blocked from being viewed in 28 countries (including […]


Facebook, Whatsapp blocked as Buddhists attack mosques in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has blocked access to social media networks including Facebook and Whatsapp as religious violence continues despite a state of emergency. The ban is set to last three days. The state of emergency was imposed after Buddhists attacked mosques and Muslim-owned businesses in the central highlands district of Kandy. On Wednesday the government asked […]


Murdoch slammed on Twitter after bid to take over Sky provisionally blocked

A UK watchdog has temporarily blocked media tycoon Rupert Murdoch’s bid to take over Sky amid concerns it is “not in the public interest,” as it would grant his family too much control of British media. The decision was greeted with widespread support on social media, with people hailing the move as the “right” choice […]


German MP gets blocked on social media, faces probe over anti-Muslim tweet

A German MP from the far-right populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, Beatrix von Storch, has had her social media accounts blocked over a tweet targeting Muslims. She also faces a criminal probe under a new German law. The outburst that landed Von Storch in hot water was a reaction to a post on Twitter […]

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