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Major E. Ghouta highway cleared after 7-year militant blockade (DRONE FOOTAGE)

The Syrian Army has announced that it has lifted the militant blockade of a major highway connecting Damascus to the rest of the country. A Ruptly drone has captured the destruction wrought by seven years of fighting. The army said it has liberated all of the settlements in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta from […]


No ships in Yemen's key port despite Saudi claim of lifting blockade

There is no indication of aid or commerce coming into Yemen through the key port of Hodeidah despite Saudi Arabia’s December 20 pledge to lift the blockade for a month, an RT Arabic crew has discovered. Two days after Houthi fighters fired a missile at Riyadh on November 4, Saudi Arabia sealed air, land and […]


N. Korea: Trump taking dangerous step to nuclear war by seeking naval blockade

Published time: 14 Dec, 2017 13:29 Edited time: 14 Dec, 2017 13:47 US President Donald Trump is taking an “extremely dangerous” and “big step” towards nuclear war by seeking a naval blockade, North Korea has stated, according to the official KCNA news agency. Pyonyang also said it will take “merciless self-defensive” measures against any blockade, as it […]


Venezuela to launch ‘Petro’ cryptocurrency to fight Trump’s ‘financial blockade’

Published time: 4 Dec, 2017 00:01 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Sunday that the country will launch its own cryptocurrency, called the “Petro,” which will be backed by the country’s vast natural resource reserves. “Venezuela is announcing the creation of its own cryptocurrency. It will be called The Petro. It will allow us to innovate […]


Qatar blockade could cause a regional recession

Five months into the Gulf’s blockade against Qatar, and neither side looks ready to budge. But the repercussions of the ongoing spat—and Kuwait’s failure to end the dispute—could deliver a huge blow to the Gulf economy. Read more Doha has stood its ground: It refuses to shut down its renowned news station Al Jazeera or […]


Conjoined twins relying on suspension of Gaza blockade to survive

Published time: 23 Oct, 2017 15:45 Doctors have warned that extremely rare conjoined twins born in the Gaza Strip must leave the blockaded enclave for medical treatment or face certain death. The twin baby girls, who were born on Sunday, share a leg but have separate hearts and lungs. Palestinian news site Al Quds reports […]

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