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Blind Indonesian judoka disqualified from Asian Para Games after refusing to take off hijab

Indonesian judoka Miftahul Jannah was banned from competing in the women’s 52kg visual impairment category at the Asian Para Games after the athlete refused to remove her hijab. The 21-year-old Muslim was disqualified from the competition for breaching the International Judo Federation (IJF) rules, which state that a judoka’s head “may not be covered except […]


Blind robot dog can run, jump and climb in MIT's vision of the future (VIDEO)

Seeing the Cheetah 3 robot from MIT leap, gallop and climb a staircase littered with debris is almost enough to make a person prepare to welcome our new animatronic overlords. READ MORE: Pet project: Chinese RoboDogs on sale & ready to run on grass with you (VIDEO) Footage of the experiments shows researchers from Massachusetts […]


Scientists develop ‘artificial retina’ in hope to restore sight to the blind

A cheap new artificial retina could soon be used to restore sight to the blind, according to joint research by scientists at universities in Israel and Sweden. Researchers from Tel Aviv and Linkoping have developed a small, photoactive film capable of converting light into electrical signals that stimulate light-sensitive nerve cells in the eye. It […]


LA City Council pres. warns of legal weed regulation blind spots

On the verge of becoming the largest US city to regulate recreational marijuana, Los Angeles city council president and two members are already bracing for potential problems in the bureaucratic system’s structure. On Wednesday, the city council voted 12-0 in favor of the marijuana-related regulations which legalized the licensed sale and cultivation of marijuana in […]

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