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BBC blasted by police for ‘Inappropriate’ Manchester bombing documentary

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins penned a letter to the BBC after it aired a documentary on the Manchester Arena attack, accusing the organization of being “inappropriate” and “misleading.” Hopkins was unhappy with how the police were portrayed, saying it was inaccurate to report that the police held back officers and that they […]


Comedian blasted for comparing straight white men to the ‘N-word’

Stand-up comedian Josh Denny has been hit by criticism on social media over remarks he made on Twitter. The comic, who is white, compared the phrase “straight white male” with the ‘N-word’ – a racial slur directed at black people. The tweet attracted more than 10,000 responses in two days, with the vast majority of […]


‘Expel the Israeli ambassador’: Irish foreign minister blasted for double standards

Ireland’s foreign minister is being accused of hypocrisy for failing to expel Israel’s ambassador over the IDF killing 60 Palestinians on Monday, despite sending a Russian diplomat home over the Skripal case without evidence. Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney expelled a Russian diplomat in March following Britain’s claim that Russia was behind […]


Jacob Rees-Mogg blasted as ‘hypocritical’ as more details of Russian investment revealed

Jacob Rees-Mogg has been accused of hypocrisy after details of Russian profits from his fund-management firm were revealed. The Tory MP had said that Russia should be “hit financially” over the Skripal poisoning. Rees-Mogg is a co-founder, director and shareholder of Somerset Capital Management (SCM) – an investment management firm which specializes in emerging markets. […]


‘Extreme bias’: BBC blasted for Corbyn Bolshevik backdrop on Newsnight

BBC coverage of Jeremy Corbyn has been blasted by his supporters after the use of jaw-dropping graphics once again called the broadcaster’s impartiality into question. The BBC has been labeled a Tory propaganda tool. Interviews were carried out on Newsnight on Thursday evening in front of a red-tinted image of Corbyn wearing a Russian Bolshevik […]


'Racist' Chinese TV show blasted after blackface sketch (VIDEO)

One of the most watched TV shows in the world has come under intense scrutiny for featuring a sketch that had Asian actors in blackface and black actors dressed as monkeys. The annual Chinese Lunar New Year gala by CCTV is a four-hour event and is watched by some 700 million people each year. This […]

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