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‘Unforgivable’: Kremlin blasts Boris Johnson for blaming Putin for Skripal poisoning

Blaming Vladimir Putin for Sergei Skripal’s poisoning is “shocking and unforgivable,” the Kremlin said, after UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson claimed the Russian president likely ordered the attack. “Russia has nothing to do with this affair,” Dmitry Peskov, presidential press secretary, told Interfax. “Any references to our president (in connection with the Skripal case) are […]


Blaming Russia for ex-spy poisoning could harm British business

Any UK retaliation based on unproven accusations against Russia of poisoning a former spy and his daughter may turn into a headache for British companies. The potential measures would not only affect the business interests of rich Russians in the UK. Valuable Russian assets owned by British companies could also be in the firing line. […]


Britain needs electoral reform – and guess who they are blaming?

Picture the scene. Doris and Edna voted at their local primary school this year. The 82-year olds backed May, after voting Brexit, because they were brainwashed by Russian bots sometime between their blue rinse and the last episode of Eastenders. Well, that’s essentially the picture being painted by the head of the UK elections watchdog. […]


Papa John’s apologizes for blaming declining sales on NFL protests

Published time: 16 Nov, 2017 17:08 Edited time: 16 Nov, 2017 17:26 Official National Football League (NFL) sponsor Papa John’s has apologized for comments made by its CEO, John Schnatter, who blamed NFL anthem protests for the pizza-maker’s sales downturn. Read more On Tuesday, the company published a series of posts on Twitter containing an […]

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