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Here be monsters: Deep sea Java expedition uncovers bizarre new species (PHOTOS)

A deep sea expedition to unexplored depths of the Indian Ocean has revealed a sea rich with peculiar inhabitants from over 800 species, including at least a dozen entirely new to science. Among the extraordinary treasure trove of new creatures is a spider crab with fuzzy spines and blood-red eyes, a small wood-dwelling sea star, […]


Inside the bizarre online world of Youtube shooter Nasim Aghdam (VIDEO)

Three people were shot when Nasim Najafi Aghdam opened fire at Youtube’s HQ in California. Her videos offer a startling insight into the vegan bodybuilder’s inner world. The 39-year-old from San Diego also went by the name of Nasime Sabz, which means “Green Breeze” in Persian. She also harbored a grudge against the video-sharing platform. […]


Trump’s Trudeau lie: President’s bizarre confession sends Twitter into overdrive

Twitter has exploded over reports US President Donald Trump used a fundraising speech with donors to brag about lying to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trump was referring to supposed trade deficits. According to the Washington Post, audio obtained of the speech reveals how Trump told a fundraiser on Wednesday that he made up trade […]


Rifle-toting couples blessed in bizarre church ceremony (PHOTOS)

Hundreds of gun-toting parishioners descended upon a rural Pennsylvania church on Wednesday to have their marriages (and AR-15s) blessed. Some participants even sported crowns made of bullets. In a bizarre ceremony contrived by the son of deceased cult leader Reverend Sun Myung Moon, women dressed in white and men in dark suits paraded around the […]


Driverless burning car makes bizarre ‘getaway’ from firefighters (VIDEO)

A flaming runaway car was filmed evading police as it sped downhill through a residential area in Alicante, Spain. The driverless car-cum-fireball was reportedly parked by its owner after a dashboard warning light appeared on Sunday morning. Shortly afterwards, it burst into flames. The blaze is believed to have been sparked by an electrical fault, […]


Florida police’s bizarre crime solving method

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida has a novel way to catch wanted fugitives – by playing a bizarre version of Wheel of Fortune called ‘Wheel of Fugitive.’ The sheriff’s office shares weekly episodes of ‘Wheel of Fugitive’ on Facebook. It features Sheriff Wayne Ivey, who says the game is “my favourite time of […]


Scorpions & giant rabbits the real losers in bizarre year of commercial airline travel

The safest year on record for commercial airline passengers was 2017, with no recorded deaths from accidents. American air travellers did, however, endure some disturbing and bizarre incidents – and at least one rabbit perished. The data comes from Dutch aviation consulting firm To70 and the Aviation Safety Network. US President Donald Trump has been […]


South Korean ‘nut rage’ exec spared jail over bizarre runway incident

Published time: 21 Dec, 2017 13:07 Edited time: 21 Dec, 2017 13:14 Former Korean Air Lines Vice President Heather Cho has avoided a return to prison after the country’s supreme court upheld her suspended sentence. Cho made headlines around the world in 2014 after becoming embroiled in a bizarre ‘air rage’ scandal. After flying into […]

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