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Proposal to split California into 3 states goes to ballot

A proposal by billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper to split California into three states has gathered enough verified signatures to be put to a vote this November. After campaigning began last August, the CAL 3 campaign had gathered 600,000 signatures supporting the split by April this year. Now that the California Secretary of State’s office […]


Ballot box blaze: Baghdad’s largest voting warehouse goes up in flames (PHOTOS)

Iraq’s largest ballot paper warehouse has caught fire with flames destroying parts of the complex. The blaze comes as the country prepares for a parliamentary election recount. The inferno at the storage center broke out on Sunday, with early reports from the Iraqi Interior Ministry suggesting that some votes cast on May 12 have been […]


Presidential poll results cancelled at 7 ballot stations – Russian official

The head of Russia’s Central Election Commission has said that the results of the March 18 poll had been canceled in seven districts across the country, citing deliberate provocations as the reason. “At present, the voting results have been canceled in seven elections districts,” Ella Pamfilova told reporters on Tuesday, adding that some of the […]


Russia ballot box fraud down compared to previous elections, all cases investigated

Although multiple reports of ballot stuffing across Russia surfaced on the internet on Sunday, the number of fraud reports is down two times compared to previous elections, the Russian Central Election Commission says. Most of the polling stations were under video surveillance that was streamed online. In one embarrassing case, CCTV footage of a voting […]


Russians head to ballot stations in 7th presidential election

Russians are choosing their president for the next six-year term on Sunday in an election that state officials have described as the most open and transparent in modern Russia’s history. The law orders that the nation’s top state official – the president of the Russian Federation – must be elected by a universal, equal and […]


1 voter’s ballot swings Virginia House race, GOP lose control after recount

Just one vote… That’s what it took to break the GOP’s 17-year majority in Virginia’s House of Delegates, leaving the state’s Democrats with 50 seats in the legislative chamber. Delegate Shelly Simonds (D-Virginia) defeated three-term incumbent House Delegate David Yancy (R-Virginia) by one vote in Newport News Virginia’s 94th District race. The recount followed the […]

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