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Feeding frenzy: Farage baits rivals with photo next to protected shark

Nigel Farage has amassed a new band of detractors after a photo he posted with a protected shark species enraged marine conservation groups and activists. The MEP and former UKIP leader tweeted a photo of himself holding a tope shark with the caption, “Depressed over Brexit. Went fishing.” Tope sharks are listed as “vulnerable” on […]


Lib Dem leader baits US by urging it to help him win Russian election

The leader of the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, said he won’t believe the claims of Russian meddling in the US election unless the Americans help him win the March 18 presidential vote in Russia. “If they [the US] think that we [Russia] really somehow interfered in their election through social networks, let them […]

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