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‘Impostor!’ Voters baffled as Ron Estes faces Ron Estes in Kansas primary

Kansas voters who haven’t done their research might regret it when they go to vote in the state’s 4th Congressional District Republican primary today and find two candidates named Ron Estes listed on the same ballot. Incumbent Rep. Ron Estes is facing off against Ron M. Estes — and unsurprisingly, it’s been causing a bit […]


Mane attraction: Zoo baffled after 18yo lioness mysteriously acquires male hair

Zoologists at Oklahoma City Zoo are scratching their heads after an elderly lioness suddenly sprouted a healthy looking mane around her head and neck. The ‘exceptionally unusual’ spurt of fur in the 18-year-old African lioness, called Bridget, has left zookeepers baffled. Male lions develop manes at about one-year-old which are a product of increased production […]


‘Sex noise’ symphony over BBC Breakfast report leaves viewers baffled (VIDEO)

Published time: 10 Nov, 2017 13:28 Edited time: 10 Nov, 2017 13:31 BBC Breakfast show viewers were treated to news with a side of “sex noises” this morning in an unexpected surprise for the presenter. Living rooms across Britain were filled with the sounds of a groaning woman as Emma Vardy attempted her live segment […]

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