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CNN columnist faces backlash for ‘Patriarchy kills people’ op-ed

CNN columnist and community organizer Richard Edmond Vargas is facing criticism for penning a column about how US “patriarchy” and male role models can be blamed for mass shootings. Vargas, who describes his “anti-patriarchy work” in California prisons, wrote that American society relates to men as being “inherently violent, dominant and controlling,” and said he […]


YouTube reinstates video tribute to Gaza protest victims following backlash (VIDEO)

YouTube has reinstated a video that pays tribute to Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in Gaza, after removing it multiple times. The decision followed online backlash from an American activist and others. The video-sharing site initially said the footage, which was posted by Palestinian academic and activist Sana Kassem, violated its terms of service. It […]


Oxygen mask backlash: Image from Southwest flight sparks social media frenzy

A photo showing passengers from Southwest Airlines flight 1380 apparently wearing their oxygen masks incorrectly has sparked a social media furore. One passenger died after an engine explosion blew out a window mid-flight. The image posted by passenger Marty Martinez on Facebook shows three passengers, including Martinez, only covering their mouths with the mask. Safety […]


Jim Carrey faces Twitter backlash for ‘monstrous’ portrait of White House spokesperson

Published time: 19 Mar, 2018 17:10 Edited time: 19 Mar, 2018 17:18 Comedian Jim Carrey turned to art (loosely defined) to mock President Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. His derisive portrait was widely rebuked on social media, however. The ‘Bruce Almighty’ star unveiled his magnum opus to his 17 million Twitter followers over […]


‘Angel of Death’ AC-130 gunship promo vid ignites backlash against Pentagon

When the Pentagon posted some war porn on Twitter it should have been prepared for a major backlash, especially when using the nickname ‘Angel of Death,’ which formerly belonged to infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. The tweet, posted on February 28, has garnered over 5,000 retweets and almost 14,000 likes. However, the discussion in the […]


'They refuse to use same elevator as us’: Russian skater on doping backlash

Russian speed skater Olga Fatkulina says that doping allegations against Russia have formed a negative attitude towards the national team, with foreign rivals even refusing to use the same elevator as Russian competitors. “Of course the attitudes of foreign athletes have changed after the doping scandal erupted. I noticed all these glances and whispers behind […]


Poland’s Holocaust-related law triggers backlash from Israel

Israeli leaders are up in arms over pending legislation in Poland that would officially outlaw blaming Poles for the heinous Holocaust crimes committed on Polish soil during World War II. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the proposed law, passed by the lower house of the Polish parliament on Friday, “baseless.” The new legislation prescribes prison […]

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