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‘Obsessive and obscenity-laden’: Assange hits back at Intercept claims he backed Trump

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange has rejected claims by The Intercept that he backed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He accused the outlet of furthering one of the authors’ personal obsession. “The editorial propriety of letting Micah F Lee, of all people, instrumentalize the Intercept to further his obsessive, obscenity laden campaign against WikiLeaks must be questioned,” […]


Israel's diamond exchange launches digital coins mostly backed by paper gems

The Israeli diamond exchange, one of the largest in the world, has announced the release of a cryptocurrency that is partially secured by diamonds, various news agencies report. The goal is to make the market, which still prefers cash to plastic, more transparent. Current transactions are “often carried out anonymously, with the shake of a […]


Cannabis ‘social’ club becomes first in UK to be backed by police

A cannabis club where people can smoke freely while watching TV or playing pool has been backed by police in the UK. Users at the Teeside Cannabis Club, the first of its kind, pay an annual £35-membership to get high in peace. The Middlesbrough club, set up by Michael Fisher four years ago, allows for […]

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