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Sun boycott: British journos accuse Corbyn-supporting group of ‘press censorship’

A number of British journalists have hit out at the Corbyn-supporting Momentum group for banning Sun reporters from attending a festival in Liverpool, claiming it’s “censorship” and likening the ban to the actions of Donald Trump. Journalists from a number of mainstream news outlets reacted angrily to news that The World Transformed (TWT), a festival […]


UK’s Def Sec Gavin ‘Russia should shut up’ Williamson tours Ukraine’s ‘frontline’

British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has visited Ukraine and toured the eastern part of the country, where Ukrainian officials told him how they are fighting against a “Russian aggression.” Two regions of Ukraine are divided between rebel-controlled parts and those under control of the central government in Kiev. Ukrainian officials regularly host tours for foreign dignitaries […]


Meet Mantis: BB8 creator’s six legged bot waltzes into record books (VIDEOS)

If you’ve ever wanted to get behind the wheel of a Star Wars-type robot, now is your chance thanks to one British engineer. Meet Mantis: the two-ton robot that has waltzed right out of sci-fi films and into the record books. Hampshire’s Matt Denton has built the largest rideable hexapod robot, earning its place in […]


Survival game Fortnite cited in 5% of online divorces in UK – survey

Video games have long sparked controversy in the court of public opinion, being blamed for societal ills such as violence, school truancy, credit card fraud, cultural appropriation – and now divorce. According to research released by, more than 200 divorce filings since January 2018 have cited the wildly popular survival video game as the […]

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