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We will bring down the government – DUP warns May over Brexit red lines

DUP leader Nigel Dodds threatened that his party is prepared to vote against Theresa May’s government if their Brexit “red lines” are crossed, he said in an interview with ConservativeHome website. His comments come as the Evening Standard reports that EU leaders from the 27-member bloc favor Northern Ireland staying within the customs union and […]


Trump to visit UK in July – reports

US President Donald Trump will visit the UK this summer, according to reports in the British media. The visit is thought to be scheduled for mid-July. Trump was due to open the new US Embassy in London in February but decided against making the trip amid reports it would be disrupted by massive public protests. […]


Margaret Thatcher’s heir? Farage fantasizes over Rees-Mogg becoming next PM

Jacob Rees-Mogg is the leader Britain needs, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said, as he claimed that no prime minister since Margaret Thatcher has been able to stand up to the EU’s “bullying bureaucrats.” Farage claimed that the candidness of the Tory backbencher, as well as his staunch conviction that Brexit is the best […]


SAS should have oversight – MPs call for end to special forces secrecy

The secrecy around the UK’s special forces could be coming to an end as political pressure mounts for more scrutiny on military operations. Questions in Parliament about special forces, including the SAS, are usually dodged by the Ministry of Defence, despite the secretive soldiers having an established presence in conflict zones. MP Crispin Blunt has […]


Times ‘distorted’ front page story on Muslim foster-care girl – press watchdog

The Times has been admonished by the press regulator over a ‘distorted’ story about a girl fostered by Muslims. The newspaper claimed that the child’s carers stopped her eating pork and took away a crucifix, among other breaches. The girl made front-page headlines when she was removed from her mother’s care by Tower Hamlets Council, […]


ICYMI looks into NBC’s surprise discovery of alleged links to RT

NBC has gone to truly great lengths to reveal the well-hidden link between the #ICYMI show and RT. ICYMI decided to surpass NBC’s efforts and conducted its own exclusive inside investigation. American journalists made an incredible effort to eventually uncover the hidden ties between ICYMI and RT, admitting they only managed to do so thanks […]

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