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Chechnya better than US on human rights, Kadyrov says

Ramzan Kadyrov has dismissed the allegations of human rights violations in Chechnya made by the acting US secretary of state, saying that the situation in the republic is “significantly better” than in America. Read more “[Acting US Secretary of State] John Sullivan has called upon everyone to pay attention to the impunity of human rights […]


Russian governor re-introduces Lenin Prize for notable achievements

The governor of Russia’s Ulyanovsk Region – the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin – signed a decree to re-establish the Lenin Prize for achievements in the humanities, literature, and art. Governor Sergey Morozov announced the news on Facebook on Sunday. “We intend to maintain and use all the best things that have happened in our history. […]


New Russian bill orders sacking of MPs whose spend exceeds official income

The Lower House Security Committee of the Russian parliament has approved a new draft law which allows to firing of federal lawmakers who lie in their income declarations and spend more than they officially earn. The bill, written by MP Anatoly Vybornyi of the majority party United Russia, orders that Russian senators and state Duma […]


Russia needs more offensive foreign policy to counter US – security council chief

With Washington dropping all pretense and turning ever more hostile and confrontational towards Russia, Moscow needs to make its foreign policy more offensive, the head of the Russian national security council believes. Over the past few years Washington has taken a number of steps and made policy changes that pose a threat to Russia, Nikolay […]


Putin tops popularity rating with almost 50 percent support, latest poll shows

Russian President Vladimir Putin remains the most trusted Russian politician, though his trust rating decreased by about 7 percent in the month following the March 18 presidential election. According to a poll conducted by the Russian state-run public opinion research center VTSIOM in mid-April, the number of people who trust Vladimir Putin in making crucial […]


Russian govt to consider dedicated agency to counter foreign economic sanctions

The Russian cabinet is to consider setting up a special agency to counter foreign sanctions, according to the head of the country’s Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, who suggested the name CounterOFAC for the body. Head of the union and former Russian economy minister, Aleksandr Shokhin, has told RIA Novosti that he had personally proposed […]


Kremlin denies plans to launch internet firewall similar to China’s

As the state internet watchdog Roskomnadzor continues its attempts to block the Telegram messenger service, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed reports that Russia is planning to install a nationwide online firewall. Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Kremlin spokesman Peskov was asked if the thus far unsuccessful efforts to enforce the law and block the Telegram […]


Lawmaker proposes fines for selling tobacco and alcohol to pregnant women

A Russian regional lawmaker has proposed the introduction of fines for selling drugs, alcohol and tobacco to pregnant women. The law could also force all women who want to purchase these items to prove they’re not pregnant. Vladimir Petrov of the Leningrad Region legislature has told reporters that he has prepared a package of bills […]

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